Trained in London and Founded in 2013 Capelli Estensioni specialises in applying the highest quality hair extensions, individually tailored to each client. We provide the finest natural human hair; a discreet attachment technique; fine attention to detail and unrivalled customer service.

We use only the highest quality, Beauty Works human hair. With the correct aftercare this hair can be used for multiple reapplications. Both our application technique and quality of hair contribute to creating a free-flowing hairstyle that will move, fall and behave exactly like your own hair, giving the hair extensions a natural look and feel, without leaving any tell-tale signs of extensions.

With 6 years experience in hair extensions, hair safety is our main priority and focus. 

We provide hair extensions to our clients for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you’re looking for a long flowing mane; a boost in volume; or, adding colour without chemicals, our hair extensions are extremely versatile and can be tailored to every need.


Once the application is complete, the extensions are cut and blended with the client’s hair to create a hairstyle that blends seamlessly with the natural hair. The finished result is a full head of gorgeous hair that appears 100% naturally grown.

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                                     LA WEAVE                                           PROFESSIONAL HAIR EXTENSIONS                                        6+ YEARS EXPERIENCE                                



The LA Weave is a revolutionary method of hair extensions.


Silicone lined micro rings are attached to your natural hair, the weft is sewn around the rings and securely attached using 3-4 rows of double wefted hair.

The LA weave method is suitable for all types of hair. Whether you have fine, short, long or thick hair, this method is safe and non damaging to your own natural hair.


A re-tighten is advised every 8 weeks where the weft and rings are removed, the hair is brushed out and the weft placed back close to your scalp.


LA Weave allows your natural hair to grow underneath the extensions and is an ideal choice if you are looking to grow your hair from a short style.


Hair Extensions can seem confusing and it is difficult to know what method, type of hair and amount that you require.


I offer a free, no obligation consultation service. During the consultation I will introduce you to the LA Weave method and decide if this will suit your hair and lifestyle. You can feel the quality of the hair for yourself and I provide a colour match service to ensure the extensions blend discreetly with your natural hair so only you will know that you are wearing hair extensions. We will complete a consultation form and discuss prices.


In the meantime, I hope you will find the following information helpful.


All of the hair is cuticle correct, 100% human hair, which means it can be treated just like your own hair. All of our hair is also double drawn. Double drawn is the process in which the shorter hairs are removed to ensure the overall thickness of the hair is the same from root to tip - no whispy ends!

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