Wash your hair a maximum of twice a week if possible, this will put less stress on your hair. Dry shampoo can be used to freshen hair between washes. Take care when washing and brushing your extensions. When washing it is better to stand in the shower or keep your head upright in the bath when rinsing to avoid tangling or matting. Do not scrub hair on scalp. It is best to wash the wefts one row at a time. Remember to wash underneath the wefts. If you have an oily scalp wash hair regularly, as build up of natural oils could lead the micro rings slipping or falling out. Please note it is better to use shampoos which are designed for hair extension use. Do not use products which contain silicone. For best results wrap hair in a towel for about 15 minutes to soak up as much water as possible.



When combing damp hair, always use a wide tooth comb. Support the extensions by holding hair mid length.  When hair is damp spray in Protein Spray or use Argan Oil/serum. Only use a Tangle Tamer or Loop Brush on hair extensions. Tangle Tamer brushes are available upon fitting.



Blow-dry as usual. Style as usual. You can straighten, curl and brush your hair extensions as you would your natural hair. You may notice itching on the scalp when first fitted, this is normal as it takes a little time for the natural hair to adjust. After having hair extensions fitted you may find the hair shedding a little this is normal.



It is not advisable to colour hair extensions. Hair is usually multi-tonal (especially blonde), dye may pick up different tones and create an undesired finish. If you do wish to dye your hair extensions, always use a hairdresser who has experience/knowledge of extensions. Do not use home dying kits. I cannot be held liable for any problems you may encounter as a result of dying your extensions.



Never go to sleep with wet hair, always make sure your extensions are dry before sleeping. Sleeping on wet hair can lead to matting. It is advisable to tie your hair into loose plaits at night, this reduces the risk of matting.